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Our Quality Assurance

1. Calibration

A. For Standard Automatic (Swiss ETA & Asia Clone ETA) and Quartz/Quartz Chrono, Accuracy to to +/- 10 secs.  
B. For Automatic Chronograph (Asia Movement, Eg. Asia 7750) , Accuracy to +/- 10 to 30 secs
C. For Standard Automatic (Asia Movement, eg. 2813/4813), Accuracy to +/- 10 to 15 secs 

We will try out best to achieve the best accuracy / rating for you. Do not be fool by competing amateur and novice dealers claiming they can do better accuracy then above stated. This is the best possible rating that can be achieved because these are replica watches.

We will provide a picture of the actual watch to be sent on the calibration device and also the readings on the calibration regulation machine. 

Example of a watch on Calibration Machine with Timing readings.. You will received pic similar to this. 

2. Physical /External Quality of the watch 

You will receive photos (FRONT, BACK and BRACELET views) via email of the actual watches of your order to be sent. The Delivery Consignment note will also be shown. Order Number sticker will be pasted on the watch itself to identify that the correct watch that was checked and shot in the photos.

You will received pictures similar to these as shown below:

3. Waterproofing 

All watches above price of USD200 will be given FREE waterproofing service ( 1 to 3 ATM). Again we will try our best to get the best rating for you. The method of testing is the "Dry Method" using a Dry Pressure Rating Equipment such as this one. 


Please note that customers are supposed to reply within 24 hours after we send the photos. The reply should be clear and unambigous. If no reply is received, It will be deemed that you have approved the QC Pics and procedures done and the order will be sent out automatically after 24 hours.

At Perfect Clones, we strive to provide the best possible pre, during and post sales service. This level and series of service is unmatchable. You need not shop anywhere else !!!

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